IFIP Boston Regional Meeting in Cultural Survival Magazine

cs2015septThe September number of Cultural Survival Magazine featured an article about IFIP’s North East Regional Meeting, as the theme of the meeting was in sync with the magazine’s Spetember issue: Indigenous persons with disabilities.

“The International Funders for Indigenous Peoples’ (IFIP) regional gathering on June 5, hosted at the Boston Foundation, challenged funders to look closer—to focus specifically on Indigenous LGBTQ and Indigenous people with disabilities, and to consider Indigenous traditional knowledge as solutions to climate change. IFIP works with a network of 50 foundations, bringing together Indigenous leaders and funders to talk about critical change. Approximately 50 participants, including Indigenous leaders, the New England International Donors, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, The Boston Foundation, New England Biolabs Foundation, and the Disability Rights Fund were challenged to consider how philanthropy could support Indigenous Peoples who are at intersections of oppression: women, the disability community, rural communities, and LGBTQ persons.”

Read the whole article “Funding at the Margins: IFIP Regional Gathering Addresses Marginalized Indigenous Sectors” here.