IFIP Welcomes Angela Martinez, Donna Morton and Lourdes Ingato Our Board of Directors


Angela Martínez is the Senior Program Officer for Latin America at American Jewish World Service (AJWS), leading, shaping and overseeing the civil and political and natural resources rights grantmaking strategies in the region.  She is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico City with 20 years of experience working with and accompanying the local efforts and agendas of Indigenous and Afro-descent people social movements and grassroots organizations as well as bringing the voices of women, youth, indigenous and afro-descent peoples to international policy forums.

Donna Morton is Metis, an Ashoka, Ogunte, and Unreasonable Fellow and a lifelong serial social entrepreneur. She is the Managing Partner of Business Strategy for Principium – a global finance company that she co-founded with Hunter Lovins, Michael Tracy and a team that unites the values of “occupy” with the financial acumen of “Wall Street”. Donna has a long history of catalyzing change in many different sectors and across divides. Her career bridges across 3 decades, in environment, sustainability, anti-poverty, culture, economics and finance. She is a talker, thinker, doer, a fire starter and a change maker.

Lourdes Inga is Manager, Grants Administration and Learning Systems for The Christensen Fund, a private foundation, whose focus is working with stewards and communities in support of biocultural diversity. She oversees policies and procedures for Christensen’s grassroots grantmaking approach and collaborated on the initial plan and design of learning from Christensen’s grantmaking. Lourdes has several years of experience with deep interest in grassroots international grantmaking and is very active in philanthropic and nonprofit communities. She joins the other Directors in establishing the vision and strategic direction of IFIP in order to achieve our mission of building capacity and enhancing funding partnerships to improve the lives of Indigenous Peoples globally.

Please join us in giving Angela, Donna and Lourdes a warm welcome to our Board of Directors.