Buen Vivir: Supporting the Role of Indigenous Peoples in Bio-Cultural Diversity, Human Rights and Sustainable Economic Models

October 25-27, 2016 | HOTEL JOSÉ ANTONIO I DELUXE

LAIFC Conference Report 

We at IFIP are dedicating our upcoming Latin America Indigenous Funders Conference to Berta Caceres and other warriors that have fallen in fighting to protect our Mother Earth. In addition we will provide a pre- workshop to both Indigenous leaders and donors on the best strategies and practices to support threatened indigenous leaders and communities. 
About the conference: The Latin America Indigenous Funders Conference will be a unique event that will bring leaders from the Indigenous, donor, and corporate worlds to the same table, with the potential to turn the coming tide of extinction of species, languages and cultures.
As countries, corporations and communities around the world are increasingly focusing their attention on developing effective ways to decrease the effects of global warming, indigenous communities around the world are providing solutions. The International Funders for Indigenous Peoples is the only global donor affinity group dedicated solely to Indigenous peoples around the world. IFIP works from a simple premise: that face-to-face engagement is essential to Indigenous philanthropy. Join us. There is no time to lose.