Ty Defoe at IFIP’s North East Regional Meeting

image004Ty Defoe (Giizhig) is from the Oneida and Ojibwe Tribes of Wisconsin and serves the East Coast Two Spirit Society as the lead of the Youth Council. At IFIP’s Northeast Regional Meeting this June, he displayed an amazing performance at the reception held at the Boston Foundation. His captivating story-telling of native folklore and performance of the eagle dance were absolutely incredible.

Ty Defoe, (multidisciplinary artist, and artistic consultant), is of the Oneida + Ojibwe tribes. He received a Grammy Award for his work on “Come to Me Great Mystery: Native American Healing Songs”. Other works: Heather Henson’s FLIGHT: A CRANE’S STORY, WOUNDED KNEE. Recognition by the Indigenous Heritage Festival (for work that blends traditional folk arts and contemporary arts forms together), + TCG’s Leading the Charge: Diversity and Inclusion Fellow. Ty is a graduate of CalArts, Goddard College, + NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program @ Tisch. Mentors at the Alaskan Cultural Heritage Center + the Pine Ridge Playwrights Project.

Visit his website and check out his collaboration for CLOUDS ARE PILLOWS FOR THE MOON (Yale Institute for Musical Theatre): defoeandsinutoke.com.