Video Gallery

The following videos provide insights from philanthropic and Indigenous leaders from around the world on the importance of this unique model of philanthropy and key issues.

Amy Fredeen, Chair and CEO of International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), talks about an “aha” moment she’s experienced during her career. Hear her insight into working with indigenous communities. Interview by GrantCraft.

Monica Aleman Cunningham, of the Ford Foundation, talks about an “aha” moment she’s experienced during her career. Interview by GrantCraft.

IFIP Executive Director, Evelyn Arce, interviewed Jose Luis Santos on August 9th, 2013, in Santa Marta, Colombia. Evelyn was in Colombia to learn about the Kogi culture, spirituality and current issues and needs. The interview seeks to answer two important questions: what are the priorities of the Sierra Nevada Kogi community and what are the consequences of not having access and management of the Kogi sacred sites and thus of the inability to carry out traditional practices at these sites.

10th Annual IFIP Conference. (Cultural Survival video)

Panel on Traditional Knowledge and the Diversity of Local Farming and Food Systems, 10th Annual IFIP Conference. ( Cultural Survival video

How funders can use their power as investors to collaborate with Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, and socially responsible investors to influence corporate policies and avoid investments in companies that harm Indigenous Peoples. Produced by Cultural Survival. Music by the Cordillera People’s Alliance.

Getting to Know IFIP session at the 10th Annual IFIP Conference. Executive Director Evelyn Arce introduces members of the IFIP Board of Directors. (Cultural Survival video)

Interview with Joyce Omenai (Nigeria) from the Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Rights Organization of Africa. (Cultural Survival video)

Interview with Ivan Torafing (Philippines) of the Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network. (Cultural Survival video)

Interview with Steve Cornelius, Program Officer/MacArthur Foundation, on the need and challenges of grantmaking in Latin America. (Cultural Survival video)

Interview with Jeff Campbell, Director of Grantmaking at The Christiansen Fund, speaking how his organization stresses the importance of supporting the stewardsof biocultural diversity. (Cultural Survival video)

Interview with Maxine Anjiga, Executive Director of Papua New Guinea Center for Locally Managed Areas, speaking about her experience at the IFIP conference. (Cultural Survival video)