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June 2008




Sen. Barack Obama became the first American presidential candidate to visit the Crow Nation and was adopted into the nation under the Crow name "One Who Helps People Throughout the Land." (CNN PHOTO)


Se:kon/Greetings IFIP Friends,

Wishing you a wonderful Summer Solstice. A time when our Mother Earth is greening and holds the promise of new beginnings!


There have been so many exciting historic events, with Sen. Barack Obama being the first American presidential candidate to visit the reservation of the Crow Nation; the Prime Minister of Canada apologizing to First Nations Peoples; and even the massive protest by tribes in Brazil against the proposed Belo Monte hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River. Indigenous Peoples around the world are becoming more sophisticated and successful in making themselves heard in the international arenas and being recognized as sovereign nations. We are truly living in historic times…..

Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine , wearing headdress, shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left, after he officially apologized to native Canadians who were taken from their families and forced to attend state-funded schools aimed at assimilating them, at a ceremony in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Wednesday, June 11, 2008. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Tom Hanson)



Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine, wearing headdress, shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left, after he officially apologized to native Canadians who were taken from their families and forced to attend state-funded schools aimed at assimilating them, at a ceremony in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Wednesday, June 11, 2008. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Tom Hanson)





As for IFIP, we are in the midst of organizing for our next fiscal year. We are putting together a planning committee of donors for IFIP’s 2009 Annual Conference to take place in early April, please let us know if you are interesting in joining the committee. We have plans to have the conference venue in a beautiful tribal resort in New Mexico. New Mexico's American Indian tribes have a rich cultural history of unique languages and dances, distinct arts and crafts, and traditional stories that have been passed down through the generations and are intrinsic to the land. More Information will be sent soon.


IFIP has joined the EGA host committee and is working on organizing the opening address that will give thanks to the ancestors of the territory, a lacrosse clinic, and a pre-site visit to a local Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) Community. Click here for more information on EGA’s Annual Retreat, registration is now open. We are working on several publications to be announced soon and will have IFIP events at the IUCN, World Conservation Congress, click her for more info.


We are also pleased to announce a Members Listserve where our members can post articles, projects, highlight grantees, ask for advice, share employment info or news. It is a wonderful vehicle to share ideas and to collaborate with your other colleagues that are interested in Indigenous concerns.


To gain a deeper understanding of certain issues, IFIP has started Working Groups on different issues, some that have been identified are: Land Rights, Education, Women, Youth, and Climate Change. 


To gain a deeper understanding of regional issues, IFIP has started Regional Working Committees for Mesoamerica, Amazon, Arctic and Asia.


It is our hope that the IFIP member listserve, working groups and regional working committees will provide a deeper understanding of Indigenous Philanthropy.


I also would like to also encourage our members to submit an article for our newsletter "The Sharing Circle" about your work in Indigenous communities. The deadline is June 30th 2008.


If you are not yet a member of IFIP, please begin or renew your membership today and support our efforts to increase support for Indigenous Peoples around the world. Now more than ever, it is important to be part of IFIP’s network, because this is your network.

A member of one of Brazil's indigenous tribes protests against a proposed hydroelectric dam on the nEvelyn Arce-White, M.A.T.
IFIP Executive Director




A member of one of Brazil's indigenous tribes speaks out against the proposed Belo Monte hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River. Opponents of the project gathered recently at a five-day protest in Altamira, Brazil. For more information click here.







Is it legal to fund overseas? What are the tax implications involved? Does a lawyer need to be consulted? Learn the nuts and bolts of making an international grant.

 Click here for full report





Philanthropists without Borders: Supporting Charities in Developing Countries is a report that offers donors in the United Kingdom (and elsewhere) a "framework for thinking about their international giving, and gives examples of success." Written by Cathy Langerman and Sylvia Rowley.


Click here for full report.






Recognizing the power of the Native vote, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are courting Indian Country in unprecedented ways.  During multiple visits to Montana and other key states with large Native populations, they pledged to uphold treaty rights, increase funding for education and health care, and appoint Native people to high-level positions in the White House.  They also developed Indian policy papers (featured on their websites) outlining their commitments to Native America. 


Click here for full article…







The Australian Parliament’s apology to the stolen generations provided a historic opportunity to consider how Australia might, as a nation, achieve fundamental change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


The Australia 2020 Summit Final Report is available here.




UK-India Business Leadership on Climate Change
House of Parliament, Conference Room 16

June 26, 2008

India Inc. is beginning to move on climate change.  Come and hear from some of India’s leading corporate on what they are doing on climate change and why they see it as an agenda of opportunity.  The session will also explore practical opportunities for UK-India business partnership on climate change


For more information, click here.



Tällberg Forum 2008

 "How on earth can we live together? In search of the common sense"

June 26-29, 2008

Talberg, Sweden


On June 26, 2008 the Tällberg Forum will gather thinkers and leaders from seventy nations for four days of conversations and workshops related to the opportunities and challenges of global interdependence.

For more information contact: magp@pprogressiofoundation.org


IHRFG Semi-Annual Meeting

Human Rights and Climate Change

 July 21-22, 2008

New York University School of Law


Global climate change holds dramatic implications for human rights -- from the prospect of millions of "climate refugees" fleeing low-lying or changed areas, to rapid disease spread, to ecological disruption -- all likely to have a vastly disproportionate impact on the world's poorest and most marginalized populations.

To register click here

EGA’s Fall Retreat 2008

Mohonk Mountain House

September 21- 24

New Paltz, New York


EGA’s Fall Retreat brings us back to the Mohonk Mountain House in the historic and beautiful Hudson Valley. This is our time to examine the past while planning for the future of environmental philanthropy and the larger community.


Click here for more information.



Philanthropy Roundtable's 2008 Annual Meeting

Strengthening Our Free Society

 November 6-8, 2008

Naples, Florida


The Annual Meeting is The Philanthropy Roundtable's flagship event. The meeting provides donors with extensive opportunities to network among fellow philanthropists and to explore new ideas, strategies, and best practices with leading experts. A broad range of topics are presented in small, intimate breakout sessions, discussion groups, and plenary sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to create a unique experience tailored to their specific interests.

Click here for more information.


Protecting Mother Earth Conference

Newe Sogobe (Western Shoshone) Territories
Located at the (So Ho Bee) South Fork Pow-Wow Grounds in Lee, Nevada

July 17-20th, 2008

Topics to include:  Traditional L.A.W.S. (Land, Air, Water, Sun); Mineral Extraction, Energy, Climate Change, Water; Rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery; Food Sovereignty; Un-Doing Colonialism; Youth Activities; Organizing and Action Trainings; Indigenous-Based Environmental Protection & Ecological Knowledge.

More complete information on the conference click here for more info


Training Offered on How to Use the

New UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

4th Annual WEWIN conference

July 29-31, 2008

Hinckley, Minnesota


The Indian Law Resource Center will be leading two workshops in conjunction with the 4th Annual WEWIN conference in Hinckley, Minnesota July 29-31, 2005. (View the announcement)


International human rights law is a critical legal and political tool that can help indigenous peoples mitigate and prevent violations of their human rights. Using current human rights issues impacting Indian country as examples, this presentation focuses on how international

advocacy in the United Nations and Organization of American States can be used to address human rights violations against American Indians and Alaska Natives.


For more information, click here.



Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth
'The Elders’ Federation of Greenland

July 18-20, 2009
Kangerlussuaq West Coast, Greenland


The Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth will be a powerful three-day cross-cultural gathering of deliberation, ceremony, and celebration, the objective of which touches the welfare of the world. A principal objective is the return of the sacred fire in fulfillment of prophetic tradition. For the first time in memory the sacred fire will be home. The ceremony will revolve around the physical fire but the most important element will be the spiritual fire, the spirit of which the physical fire is a symbol. It is a symbol of countless generations of indigenous people who have met around it to consider how to live well on the land given to them and how to relate well to the Creator and to one another. The lessons of the ice will also be prominent, both in helping us all recognize our common humanity, and in developing common perspectives raised by the melting ice and global climate change.


For more information, click here.





We'd like to thank the following foundations for their support of our work in the past year:


Africas Grantmakers Affinity Group

Alaska Conservation Foundation

Amazon Alliance

Amazon Watch

American Jewish World Service

Arizona Community Foundation

Arntz Family Foundation

Aveda Earth Fund Program

Central American Women's Fund

Cultural Survival

EcoLogic Development Fund

Environmental Grantmakers Association

Essential Information

Ford Foundation

Foundation for Young Australians

Full Circle Foundation

Fund for Non Violence

Funders Network on Trade & Globalization

Gaia Foundation

Garfield Foundation

Global Fund For Women

Global Greengrants Fund

Grantmakers on the Arts

Grassroots International

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

International Development Research Centre

Island Foundation

Kalliopeia Foundation

Kenny Family Foundation Fund


Levi Strauss Foundation

Mary's Pence

McLean Budden

Mitsubishi International Corporation Fdn

National Centre for First Nations Governance

Native Americans in Philanthropy

New England Biolabs Foundation

Peace Development Fund

Reforestamos Mexico A.C.

Ringing Rocks Foundation

Sacharuna Foundation

Seeds for Communities

SEEDS Foundation


Shaman Fund

Sierra Madre Alliance

The Channel Foundation

The Christensen Fund

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

The Mailman Foundation

The Myer Foundation

Threshold Foundation

Tides Foundation

Tides Foundation, Livingry Fund

United Jewish Communities

Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation

Women's Rights International





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We are pleased to share the wonderful news that The Christensen Fund, has added one of our long term sustaining members to their growing team, Jeffrey Campbell formerly of Ford Foundation. Jeffrey has been a major advocate for Indigenous causes and co-chaired the Committee of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) at Ford Foundation for several years.  He  will be joining The Christensen Fund as the Director of Grantmaking effective September 1st, 2008. 


Click here for full announcement






Global warming changes Arctic way of life


The Arctic is experiencing some of the most rapid climate change on earth. Life in Greenland has changed a lot already and over the next 100 years, but global warming is likely to bring further ecological and social impact.


Click here for full story…



Canadian Government Apologizes For Abuse of Indigenous People


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a long-anticipated apology on June 11, 2008 to tens of thousands of indigenous people who as children were ripped from their families and sent to boarding schools, where many were abused as part of official government policy to "kill the Indian in the child."


Click here for full story…



Northwest Mexico Showdown on Indigenous Fishing Rights


A long-running dispute over indigenous fishing rights in the Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortez, has flared up again. Armed Mexican marines and federal police helped environmental and legal authorities confiscate 9 tons of gulf corvina from a Cucapah fishing community last week.


Click here for full story…



Brazilian Tribes Say Dam
Threatens Way of Life


The waters of the Amazon rainforest are fast becoming ground zero in the battle between development and the environment.


The Brazilian government wants to harness the hydroelectric power potential of the rainforest's mighty rivers to generate energy for South America's biggest economy.


But the ancestral inhabitants of the Amazon argue that the ebb and flow of their lives depends on the natural resources from those waterways. They fiercely oppose plans to build what would be the world's third-largest dam on the Xingu River in the Amazonian state of Para, Brazil.


Click here for full story…



Responding to the Cyclone
in Burma


Cyclone Nargis hit Burma on May 3 leaving thousands dead and missing. the UN now estimates that between 1.6 and 2.5 million people are in need of urgent assistance, particularly clean water, food and shelter and health care.  The risks posed by disease, displacement, further deprivation increase with each passing day.  It is feared that the death toll from Cyclone Nargis will exceed 100,000.


The U.S. Treasury Department has issued a general license allowing the transmission of funds to Burma to support humanitarian relief.

For more information how you
can help click here…


Responding to the
Earthquake in China


An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 struck central China on Monday, May 12, killing tens of thousands and leaving many others injured and homeless. The quake, China's worst in more than 30 years, centered in Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province but was also felt in Beijing and other major Asian cities.

Click here for more information
to support relief efforts






Echoing Green is growing!


Echo Green is seeking an individual with extraordinary talent to join team as the Development Director or Development Manager. The position will report to the VP of Development. This person will help to strengthen our development team, comprised of one VP and two Associates, in order to help EG reach its $4.5m budget in FY09, and to increase our fundraising capacity.


The position requires excellent communication, organization, and sales skills, as well as a proven track record in fundraising.


Commongood Careers http://www.cgcareers.org/ is managing the screening and search process, and therefore all questions, leads, and resumes should go directly to them at EchoingGreen@cgcareers.org



Global Greengrants Fund


Greengrants is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to succeed the Executive Director. The ideal candidate is a passionate professional, who is committed to the Greengrants mission and will provide outstanding leadership to the organization. He/she will be responsible for all aspects of the program, budget and staffing.


Click here for a full job description.



RAN’s Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign


Ran recently announced Rainforest Agribusiness Campaigner position.  We’re looking for a great organizer who is committed to defending forests, family farmers and our climate by challenging corporate power and false solutions. 


For a full job description email:

Leila Salazar-Lopez

Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign Director

Rainforest Action Network

e-mail: leila@ran.org



RAN is also hiring a Youth Organizer.  For more information
go to






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