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July 2008


A chunk of ice is shown drifting after it separated from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf off the coast of Ellesmere Island.


A chunk of ice is shown drifting after it separated from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf off the coast of Ellesmere Island. (CNN PHOTO)


Se:kon/Greetings IFIP Friends,

Hope all of you are enjoying the summer months!


IFIP is in the midst of organizing for the upcoming fall months. We are putting together a planning committee of donors for IFIP’s 2009 Annual Conference to take place in early April, please let us know if you are interesting in joining the committee. We have plans to have the conference venue in a beautiful tribal resort in New Mexico. We also started organizing for our second regional convening that will focus in Asia and will be held in India. Please let us now if you are interested in joining the planning committee.


IFIP has joined the EGA host committee and is working on organizing the opening address that will give thanks to the ancestors of the territory, a lacrosse clinic, and a pre-site visit to a local Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) Community. Click here for more information on EGA’s Annual Retreat, registration is now open.


IFIP is working with several of its members to compile guides to assist donors in their grantmaking. More info to come soon.


In October, IFIP will be attending the IUCN, World Conservation Congress and has organized a reception in the Poble Dialogue Space on Tuesday, October 7th  at 8:30 to facilitate networking opportunities between donors and Indigenous representatives. We will also  have a booth that Yale University has sponsored. IFIP will open the booth to all Indigenous representatives and has plans to have several sessions at the booth, click here for more info.


Our Members Listserve is now up and running and is one our members benefits. Members can post articles, projects, highlight grantees, ask for advice, share employment info or news. It is a wonderful vehicle to share ideas and to collaborate with your other colleagues that are interested in Indigenous concerns.


To gain a deeper understanding of certain issues, IFIP has started Working Groups on different issues, some that have been identified are: Land Rights, Education, Women, Youth, and Climate Change. 


To gain a deeper understanding of regional issues, IFIP has started Regional Working Committees for Mesoamerica, Amazon, Arctic and Asia.


It is our hope that the IFIP member listserve, working groups and regional working committees will provide a deeper understanding of Indigenous Philanthropy.


If you are not yet a member of IFIP, please begin or renew your membership today and support our efforts to increase support for Indigenous Peoples around the world. Now more than ever, it is important to be part of IFIP’s network, because this is your network.





Evelyn Arce-White, M.A.T.
IFIP Executive Director


Texan energy companies are investing heavily to build wind turbines following a landmark ruling last week.

Texan energy companies are investing heavily to build wind turbines following a landmark ruling last week.




This highly illustrated guide helps health promoters, development workers, environmental activists, and community leaders take charge of their environmental health. In small villages and large cities, A Community Guide to Environmental Health can provide the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to begin transforming the crisis in environmental health.

Download this book in its entirety from Hesperian Books,  Free Downloads page




After 500 years, Indigenous people return to power in a restless land.  Three years ago in Villa Tunari, a shabby little tropical town at the center of Bolivia's province of Chapare, the source and power of the ethnic revolution taking place in this Andean nation was on full view.


Click here for full story.






The government of Peruvian President Alan García has demonstrated an authoritarian bent in its intolerance of social protest or any form of criticism, and has sponsored draft laws that treat demonstrations as criminal activity, say human rights groups and academics.


Click here for full article…







The Centre for Social Markets (CSM) released a report examining seven renewable energy trends in India that could accelerate the country’s transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon future.


At a time when the world is seized with the challenge of dealing simultaneously with climate change, energy security and a global economic downturn, the report provides a hopeful signpost to a future where renewable energy could play a significant role in providing solutions. Conducted by American scholar, Alexis Ringwald, during a Fulbright research scholarship, the research provides a detailed and original account of seven renewable energy trends in India, ranging from the dramatic rise in renewable energy investment to the leadership role taken by a number of Indian states.


For a free downloadable copy click here.







Essential Skills and Strategies for Grantmakers Workshop

Sheraton La Jolla Hotel
La Jolla, CA

August 18, 2008

9:00 AM-5:00 PM

San Diego Grantmakers, the Council on Foundations and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers are joining together to bring you an Essential Skills and Strategies Workshop—a comprehensive program for grantmaking staff and trustees. Grantmaking professionals will develop a framework and learn about best practices for ethical and effective grantmaking.


Visit the Essential Skills and Strategies website at www.cof.org/ess to learn more about this grantmaker training and the upcoming workshop.



Join a Study Tour for Grantmakers

From Guanajuato to North Carolina: A Tale of Two States

 The Challenges of Transnational Communities

September 7-12, 2008

Raleigh, North Carolina to Guanajuato, Mexico 


You are invited to join the Council on Foundations and Hispanics in Philanthropy for a transformative experience of communities across borders. This study tour is the first in a series of unique tours for grantmakers focusing on transnational com­munities in the United States and Latin America. These tours are designed for executive-level funders and intended to spark a dialogue among philanthropic leaders to increase understanding of the complex dynamics of emigration/immigration by taking an up-close look at several transnational communities.


During the first tour, a core group of phi­lanthropic leaders will visit several Latino communities in North Carolina and Guanajuato, Mexico, over a one-week period. The group will meet with local leaders and visit community projects to witness firsthand the challenges that both immigrant-receiving and immigrant-sending communities are facing and what they’re doing about it.


Additional travel tours are tentatively scheduled for Guatemala in 2009 and the Dominican Republic in 2010.


For additional information click here.


EGA’s Fall Retreat 2008

Mohonk Mountain House

September 21- 24, 2008

New Paltz, New York


EGA’s Fall Retreat will be held at the Mohonk Mountain House in the historic and beautiful Hudson Valley. This is the time to examine the past while planning for the future of environmental philanthropy and the larger community.


Click here for more information.



Philanthropy Roundtable's 2008 Annual Meeting

Strengthening Our Free Society

 November 6-8, 2008

Naples, Florida


The Annual Meeting is The Philanthropy Roundtable's flagship event. The meeting provides donors with extensive opportunities to network among fellow philanthropists and to explore new ideas, strategies, and best practices with leading experts. A broad range of topics are presented in small, intimate breakout sessions, discussion groups, and plenary sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to create a unique experience tailored to their specific interests.

Click here for more information.



Indigenous Peoples Day

Kaufmann Theater, First Floor
American Museuum of Natural History

August 9, 2008

12 Noon-5:00 PM

In recognition of the United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, this afternoon features a special concert performance with Halau I Ka Wekiu from Hawai’i as well as an indigenous Caribbean cultural presentation by members of the Cacibajagua Taino Cultural Society.


This program is cosponsored with the Secretariat of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the NGO Committee on the United Nations International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Tribal Link Foundation and the United Confederation of Taino People.

More complete information click here



Changing Asia:

Forging Partnerships, Building Sustaniability

An International Conference

August 29-30th, 2008

Manila, Philipines


Over the past decades, Asia has realized significant achievements in tackling issues of poverty. It has produced some of the most rapidly growing economies of the world, now accounting for a third of global economic output. The experience of development across Asia, while creating opportunities for some, has also spawned greater problems for many others. Home to 60% of the world's population, six out of ten Asian households today still live on an average of $2 a day. Age-old inequities continue to exist, fueling social conflicts that are destroying the social fiber of Asia and its people. Increasingly, the environment in many Asian societies is being damaged at an alarming rate, as the region pursues its drive towards economic growth.


For full description click here.



3rd Americas Social Forum

University of San Carlos, Guatemala City

October 7-12, 2008



Civil society organizations, movements and groups that adhere to the standpoints of the WSF Charter of Principles, are called to register their self-managed events for the 3rd Americas Social Forum.


Click here for more information.


Grantmakers For Education 12th Annual Conference

Pathways to Opportunity:

Redesigning Education, Revitalizing Community, Restoring Hope

October 20-22, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland


What can grantmakers do to break the poverty cycle and help all of the nation’s students find pathways to a prosperous future? How can we link our focused efforts in education to complementary change efforts in community revitalization, workforce training and youth development? Baltimore—where new leaders are bringing momentum to efforts to shrug off its industrial past and help its inner-city neighborhoods with unique partnerships between community builders and education reformers—is an ideal place to learn from your peers by reflecting on promising practices for improving educational outcomes and expanding economic opportunities.


For more information and to register click here.



Unite For Sight 6th Annual Global

Health & Development Conference
"Achieving Global Goals Through Innovation"
April 18-19, 2009
Yale University, New Haven, Conneticut


Unite For Sight's conference convenes a committed vanguard of thousands from more than 60 countries. The conference challenges students, professionals, educators, doctors, scientists, lawyers, universities, corporations, nonprofits, and others, to develop innovative solutions to achieve global goals.


200 Speakers, Including Keynote Addresses by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Sonia Sachs, Dr. Susan Blumenthal, and Dr. Harold Varmus.



Registration and Abstract Submission http://www.uniteforsight.org/conference (First abstract deadline is August 15 (oral presentation deadline and early bird poster presentation deadline)



Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth
The Elders’ Federation of Greenland

July 18-20, 2009
Kangerlussuaq West Coast, Greenland


The Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth will be a powerful three-day cross-cultural gathering of deliberation, ceremony, and celebration, the objective of which touches the welfare of the world. A principal objective is the return of the sacred fire in fulfillment of prophetic tradition. For the first time in memory the sacred fire will be home. The ceremony will revolve around the physical fire but the most important element will be the spiritual fire, the spirit of which the physical fire is a symbol. It is a symbol of countless generations of indigenous people who have met around it to consider how to live well on the land given to them and how to relate well to the Creator and to one another. The lessons of the ice will also be prominent, both in helping us all recognize our common humanity, and in developing common perspectives raised by the melting ice and global climate change.


For more information, click here.




We'd like to thank the following foundations for their support of our work in the past year:


Africas Grantmakers Affinity Group

Alaska Conservation Foundation

Amazon Alliance

Amazon Watch

American Jewish World Service

Arizona Community Foundation

Arntz Family Foundation

Aveda Earth Fund Program

Central American Women's Fund

Cultural Survival

EcoLogic Development Fund

Environmental Grantmakers Association

Essential Information

Ford Foundation

Foundation for Young Australians

Full Circle Foundation

Fund for Non Violence

Funders Network on Trade & Globalization

Gaia Foundation

Garfield Foundation

Global Fund For Women

Global Greengrants Fund

Grantmakers on the Arts

Grassroots International

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

International Development Research Centre

Island Foundation

Kalliopeia Foundation

Kenny Family Foundation Fund


Levi Strauss Foundation

Mary's Pence

McLean Budden

Mitsubishi International Corporation Fdn

National Centre for First Nations Governance

Native Americans in Philanthropy

New England Biolabs Foundation

Peace Development Fund

Reforestamos Mexico A.C.

Ringing Rocks Foundation

Sacharuna Foundation

Seeds for Communities

SEEDS Foundation


Shaman Fund

Sierra Madre Alliance

The Channel Foundation

The Christensen Fund

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

The Mailman Foundation

The Myer Foundation

Threshold Foundation

Tides Foundation

Tides Foundation, Livingry Fund

United Jewish Communities

Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation

Women's Rights International





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Ingenuity at the Service of Sustainable Business


A company will extract silver from the same contaminants it proposes to clean up; a cooperative of the formerly unemployed will export designer clothing; some small farmers are planting new varieties of manioc that double the yield with fewer agro-toxins; others are linking agriculture in the Amazon with protection of the forest.

These are four creative sustainable development projects that have enjoyed success in Latin America and that share a common denominator: the possibility of replication elsewhere in the region.


Click here for full story…




Ice sheet breaks loose off Canada


A chunk of ice spreading across 18 square kilometers (seven square miles) has broken off a Canadian ice shelf in the Arctic, scientists said Tuesday.


Click here for full story…



U.S., China lead way in tapping wind power


From Dallas, Texas to Dabancheng, China, energy companies are staking fortunes on harnessing wind power.


Several Texan transmission companies announced Monday they were forming a consortium to invest in the $5 billion cost of building new power lines to take advantage of the state's vast wind power.


Meanwhile, China could well be on its way to blowing the U.S. out of the water when it comes to harnessing wind energy.


China's wind generation has increased by more than 100 percent per year since 2005 and 20 per cent of the power supply to the venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will come from wind generators, according to the official state agency, Xinhua.


Click here for full story…






Grantmakers in Film +

Electronic Media


GFEM seeks a Program Associate to work directly with the Executive Director to manage the organization and its programs and activities.


Major Responsibilities:

Program & event preparation and   coordination, budget management, grant proposal preparation and reporting support, and other support work as needed


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Alyce Myatt, Executive Director, amyatt@gfem.org.  Additional information about Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media can be found at www.gfem.org.



The David and Lucile Packard Foundation


The Associate Program Officer, Marine Fisheries will develop and implement a market-based transformation program in support of the Foundation’s overall Marine Fisheries portfolio strategy designed to positively impact global marine fisheries conservation. The role requires a strong understanding of marine fisheries and their attendant issues, a market-based approach to philanthropy, and demonstrated business acumen.


For a full job description click here.



Johnson Family Foundation


Johnson Family Foundation is seeking a Program Officer to Manage JFF’s EH program (approx. $1 million annually) and other national and New York-area environmental grants (approx. $200,000 annually) .


The Program Officer will be JFF’s third full-time employee and will report to the Executive Director.  The position is based in New York City and will be available as of the Fourth Quarter of 2008.


For full job description click here.




North Star Fund


North Star Fund, a community foundation, is seeking a dynamic, strategic thinker to fill the new

position of Deputy Director for Programs and Strategic Initiatives. The Deputy Director for Program’s

overall responsibilities include: 1) creating innovative donor and grantee programming; 2) leading a

new initiative to support movement building among community organizing groups;  3) developing

foundation partnerships. The Deputy Director for Programs will supervise a three member team

responsible for program and development activities (grant making, technical assistance, donor

workshops, fundraising, special events), and the foundation’s print and online communications.


North Star Fund, a community foundation, is seeking a creative, detail oriented grants manager to fill the Program Associate position. The Program Associate’s overall responsibilities include: 1) coordinating our activist-led grant making programs; 2) reporting and developing stories for our online and print materials; and 3) assisting as needed with donor programming and grants reporting.


For a full job descriptions contact:  Hugh Hogan

Executive Director

North Star Fund




The Proteus Fund


The Proteus Fund is seeking a full-time Program Officer to lead the National Security Human Rights (NSHR) Collaborative Fund, our newly established collaborative program supporting work to restore human rights and promote progressive national security policy.  The NSHR Program Officer could be based anywhere in the United States, with a preference for the east coast.


For the detailed job description, please click on the following link /job-posting/job-description



Solidago Foundation


Solidago Foundation is seeking a Managing Director. 


The Managing Director is a senior management position, responsible to and collaborating with the Executive Director on the overall stewardship of the Foundation to provide the highest level of grantmaking consistent with mission and strategy. 

See Full Job Description at www.solidago.org






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for Indigenous Peoples

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