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February 2006

Dear IFIP Friends,

Click to visit Descendance website
In preparation for IFIP's Annual Conference, that will be held at the Ford Foundation from May 16- 17, 2006. IFIP is proud to present the Descendance Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre as the cultural event on the evening of May 16th. Descendance has received recognition on the international arena when they received the first prize in the dance category for the World Culture Opens first cultural style Olympics in South Korea. Descendance has also completed hundreds of shows across Europe, America and Asia, and participated in major world events at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and is providing Australia and the world the finest in traditional and contemporary indigenous culture and music.

IFIP is offering to early registrants the choice of The Descendance CD, Didjeridu Monde that includes all kinds of traditional and contemporary music or The Descendance video, 100 minutes of viewing that includes Aboriginal World Music and Dance Theatre. The complimentary CD/DVD will be sent to all donors that register before April 14.

This year’s conference will discuss the importance of successful strategies and effective grantmaking for foundations that work with Indigenous communities or NGO’s that support Indigenous Peoples. The second day will include a “Funders Only” meeting in the morning to discuss lessons learned and will provide specific
recommendations and guidelines for donor’s portfolio. We will then attend an IFIP session at the United Nation's Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues. The Forum brings together some 1,500 Indigenous leaders and representatives and this year’s gathering is focusing on Indigenous Peoples and the UN’s Millennium
Development Goals.

IFIP would also like to announce our current sponsors : Aveda Corporation, W.K.Kelloggs Foundation, Seeds for Communities, Native Americans in Philanthropy, The Christensen Fund and Levi Strauss Foundation. IFIP is still looking for more support so please become a Sponsor today. Click here for “Sponsorship Form.” Register early, as space is limited and make the most of this opportunity. Click here for “Registration Form.” If you are an Indigenous Representative or NGO that supports Indigenous Peoples and would like to attend the May 16th event, please email to be listed for review, only a few spaces will be available.

Evelyn Arce-White
IFIP Executive Director


Indigenous Women and the UN system
Good Practices and Lessons Learned

The Task Force is pleased to submit this collection of case studies to IANGWE at its February 2006 annual session. The collection contains cases submitted by CBD, FAO, IFAD, ILO, UNFPA and UNIFEM about their work with indigenous women in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is the intention of the Task Force to publish this collection and disseminate it widely so that it may serve as a practical tool for future work of the UN system and other organizations engaging with indigenous peoples. Click here for full report.


Draft Principles of Accountability in
International Philanthropy

The first quarter 2006 International Dateline presents Draft Principles of Accountability in International Philanthropy, developed by a joint working group of the European Foundation Centre and the Council on Foundations. The working group welcomes all constructive comments and suggestions to this first draft. The issue also includes an alert for international grantmakers who value donor-advised funds, and a feature on how private foundations can use “friends of” organizations, written by Victoria B. Bjorklund and Jennifer I. Reynoso of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. Read the issue here.


Indigenous Peoples:
Their Forests, Struggles and Rights.

This book (available in English, French and Spanish) gathers articles published in the monthly electronic bulletin of the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) regarding indigenous peoples and their struggles in defense of the forest. These peoples are the guardians of the forest and no- one is more interested than them in ensuring the conservation of the forests that have been their home, an integral part of their culture and the source of their livelihood. In the book, the major issue of indigenous peoples still living in voluntary isolation is highlighted as a way of contributing to the protection of their rights.

Most of these articles have been written in close collaboration with the Forest Peoples Programme, with indigenous peoples' organizations and other people and members of organizations defending indigenous peoples' rights. The level of detail and analysis in the articles varies considerably due to the nature of the bulletin.

You may order this book from FPP in England via the following web links:
For English click here.
For Spanish click here.
For French click here.


United Nations Workshop – 2005
International Conference on Engaging
Communities – Brisbane, Australia

Report from the workshop on engaging indigenous communities, which builds on the human rights based approach to development and develops guidelines for engaging indigenous communities based on focused group discussions of 160 indigenous participants.

For short summary click here.
For full report click here.


Microfinance in Africa:
Experience & Lessons From Selected African Countries

This International Monetary Fund working paper offers a critical presentation of the development of the microfinance sector in Africa, based on the experience of selected countries. The paper supports the view that microfinance institutions effectively complement the banking sector in extending financial services, and successfully draw on the rich experience of community-based development. It finds that growing linkages between microfinance institutions and the banking system and the dissemination of good practices by NGOs contribute to the sound development of the sector. more


Ford Foundation's International
Intellectual Property Initiative

The aim of the Ford Foundation's International Intellectual Property Initiative (IIPI) is to contribute to the development of more balanced global Intellectual Property (IP) regime. By this, we mean a regime that takes into account the interests of individuals and society as well as the private sector and the public interest, and that reaffirms the importance of the commons and the public domain. In addition, IIPI considers that an IP regime should, from a right’s perspective, recognize innovation, access to knowledge and creative activities as important sources of development for all countries and societies in the world. Click here for more info.


Calling for US Activists: 2006 Human Rights
Advocates Program Application

Deadline: February 28, 2006

The Program helps foster proven human rights leaders’ skills, knowledge, and contacts to prepare them to participate in national and international policy debates on economic globalization. An equally important aspect of the program is to promote debate and dialogue on the global economy between the advocates and the faculty and students at Columbia University as well as the NGO, policy-making, and corporate communities. Download the application.


The $100,000 Purpose Prize for
Social Innovators over 60

Deadline: February 28, 2006

Calling all those who are defying expectations for the second half of life and putting their passion to work to change the world.  Civic Ventures is looking for great nominees for the $100,000 Purpose Prize, an investment in five people over 60 who are finding new solutions to society's toughest problems. The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2006. For more information about The Purpose Prize or to nominate someone, go to


Applications Invited for World Affairs
Journalism Fellowships

Deadline: March 1, 2006

The goal of the World Affairs Journalism Fellowships program is to give experienced journalists and editors from America's community-based daily newspapers an opportunity to establish the connections between local-regional issues and what is happening abroad. The program is administered by the International Center for Journalists and the Newspaper Association Managers, and is funded by a grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation


The Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS)

Deadline: March 25, 2006

A program that creates educational opportunities for women around the world who are grassroots leaders, organizers and activists demonstrating financial need.The Channel Foundation, based here in Seattle, offers scholarships for indigenous women around the world to get masters degrees in fields that benefit their communities. See their website at


Scholarships for the EFC Conference in May 2006

Deadline: April 1, 2006

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) makes scholarships available to support the attendance at the EFC's Annual General Assembly (AGA) and Conference in Brussels, Belgium, 26-28 May 2006, titled “Foundations for Europe: Supporting European Citizens' Participation” ( Scholarship funds are limited: only one scholarship will be available per organization, and preference will be given to applicants who have not received scholarships to attend EFC conferences in previous years. For more information, criteria, and the application form go to, or contact the AGA Secretariat at


Call for nominations:
2006 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award

Deadline: April 15, 2006

Call for nominations: 2006 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award
The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award was established in 1984 to honor creative individuals who are engaged in strategic and nonviolent efforts to overcome serious human rights violations. Presented annually, the RFK Human Rights Award reflects Robert Kennedy's opposition to tyranny and his belief in the power of individual moral courage to overcome injustice. More information on the nomination and selection process can be accessed here.



World Water Forum

March 16-22, 2006
Mexico City, Mexico

The aim of the water forum is to address looming global water scarcity and contamination and develop solutions to this crisis. Registration can be done on the World Water Forum website here.

Ecologic Development Fund is sponsoring the session “Successful Indigenous Approaches to Integrated Water Resource Management and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals”, IFIP is co-sponsoring this session.

The session will bring together a panel of indigenous leaders from Mesoamerica who will discuss their successful experiences with Integrated Water Resource Management at the community level and how Integrated Approaches to Water Resource Management present opportunities for improved sustainable livelihoods and economic growth.


57th Annual Council on Foundations Conference

May 7-9, 2006
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Effective and Innovative Strategies for
Increasing Indigenous Grantmaking

Saturday May 6, 2006 4-6pm Room 324

Partnership and collaboration are essential for successful grantmaking to Indigenous communities. Join this session to explore ways international grantmakers can improve their grantmaking practice. Reviews of successful cases will provide tools to enhance collaborative potential and to structure and support interpersonal relationships between grantmaker and indigenous grantee. This session will also discuss International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) accomplishments and ways to become more involved with IFIP.

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples
Annual Awards Reception

Sunday May 7, 2006 6-7PM Room 323

Please join International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) Annual presentation of the IFIP Award, bestowed upon an individual that has demonstrated efforts to increase philanthropic support for Indigenous Peoples around the world. Last year, the very first recipient of this prestigious award was presented to Susan Berresford, President of the Ford Foundation, for her leadership in increasing a greater commitment from a philanthropic institution. We are all looking forward to honoring the next philanthropic leader to be announced soon. All are welcomed to attend and take part in this momentous event. Refreshments will be provided.


Linking Circles V: International Funders for
Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) Annual Meeting

Save the Date: May 16th and 17th, 2006
Ford Foundation in New York City

Join us and other members of the philanthropic community on May 16th and May 17th at Ford Foundation where donors will have an opportunity to speak directly with "neutral" (non-grantee) representatives from Indigenous communities on specific concerns. We will look at ways in which philanthropists can partner to support locally-driven community development and will feature partnerships with donors, international organizations, and Indigenous communities.

For Registration Info:


Powerful Partnerships:
Grantmaker Practices That Improve Grantee Performance

March 8-10, 2006
Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

2006 National Conference of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
GEO’s 2006 national conference will take place at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, March 8-10. Conference sessions will focus on the success stories of innovators in philanthropy and how their work has impacted the performance of their grantees. Grantmakers can only be successful to the extent that their grantees achieve meaningful results, yet some grantmaker practices undermine grantee performance. Focusing on areas they have the power to change, grantmakers can leverage grantee performance by making improvements to their practices, such as strengthening reporting systems, rewarding candid grantee feedback and providing long-term and unrestricted funding.

Attendees who choose to join GEO or renew their membership will receive a 50% discount on their first conference registration. To view GEO’s full conference program or register for the conference, visit


The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
“The Winds of Change”

March 15-17, 2006
Washington, DC

It will focus on the demographic, political, and socio-economic trends influencing philanthropy. The conference welcomes international participants. Registration information will be available in mid-December at For more information contact Paula Shoecraft at


The 5th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum

April 3-5, 2006
Washington DC

We will explore the power of individual social entrepreneurs bringing about positive change, and will consider how philanthropy can take us beyond policy to achieve societal goals. Please visit for updated speaker and conference program information.


Grantmakers Without Borders 2006 Conference

June 8-10, 2006
San Mateo, CA

GwoB will hold its 6th annual conference in San Mateo, California, June 8-10, 2006. The conference will focus on Global Social Change Philanthropy, and is open to international participants (grantmakers as well as philanthropic support entities, including funder networks).

For more information and for the proposal guidelines contact John Harvey at or +1 617.794.2253.


Funder Convening on Globalization: Key Strategies, Success Stories, and Funder Challenges over the Long Haul

June 6 - 8, 2006
San Francisco Bay Area

(organized in conjunction with the
Grantmakers without Borders Conference June 8-10)

Please join us to analyze global trends and the evolving discourse around globalization, to share and celebrate civil society strategies working to bring about change in the fundamental nature, processes, and institutions of globalization, and to talk about how funders can use our resources individually and collectively to support efforts to effect positive change at home and abroad. Rather than a series of panels, this convening will consist of in-depth and fully participatory conversations around strategic themes, and it will set in place mechanisms for continuing to promote funder collaboration around key issues in the months and years to come.

This convening will be held in or near San Francisco beginning the evening of June 6 and ending with lunch on June 8. Funders are invited to stay on to participate in Grantmakers Without Borders's 6th Annual Conference on Social Change Philanthropy, beginning the evening of June 8 and ending June 10.

More information and registration materials for FNTG's convening will be available soon. In the meantime, please mark your calendars and plan to join us for these important discussions.

For more info email Mark Randazzo, email or visit the website.


Communications and Contemporary Native Americans - A Media Symposium

March 2-3, 2006
Washington, DC

The absence of U.S. media coverage about Native American communities means that Indian Country today is a mystery to most people. While there are rampant stereotypes, realities and cultural strengths remain hidden.Come participate in a conversation about Indian Country with the goal of engaging more people with issues affecting indigenous peoples in the United States.For more info click here.


International Women's Day Chiapas Delegation
(Chiapas, Mexico)

March 3-13, 2006
Sponsored by:
The Chiapas Support Committee
of Oakland, California

This delegation takes place during an exciting moment on the Zapatista calendar. In 2005, the Zapatistas issued the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle; a manifesto of who they are, how they see the world and what they intend to. Their program has two parts: the "Other Campaign" in Mexico and an International Campaign in the rest of the world. Zapatista delegates are now traveling throughout Mexico as participants in the Other Campaign; a national organizing project to create a civilian anti-capitalist front from below and to the Left against neoliberalism and its negative effects on Mexican citizens. It also takes place as the International campaign is set to begin with an Intercontinental Encuentro (Gathering), the dates of which are yet to be announced. After the Encuentro (affectionately dubbed the "Intergalactica" by the Zapatistas), the International campaign against neoliberalism will begin. Consequently, this is a time of great activity in Zapatista territory. Register by February 15, 2006. This delegation fills up fast. For those who want more information, just email your questions to: or call (510) 654-9587


For the Healing of Mother Earth
The Ceremony of 8000 Sacred Drums
Pilgrimage to the Ancient Atlantean Lands

March 17-25, 2006
Otomi Ceremonial Center
Temoaya, Mexico

For Registration and more information visit and, email or call
00+52 (722) 773 22 40 and 00+52 (722) 291 0748


Unite For Sight Conference
"Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"

April 1 & 2, 2006
Linsly-Chittenden Hall
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

International Health Conference at Yale in April 2006 - More Than 75 Speakers! Who should attend? Anyone interested in eye care, medicine, health education, health promotion, public health, international health, international service, nonprofits, or microenterprise. The conference goal is to empower conference attendees to identify health needs and to develop solutions to improve access to care for the medically underserved.

Register online! Early Bird Registration Rate: $35 student/resident rate; $50 for all others *Rate increases after March 1. Complete conference schedule available here.


Native Philanthropy Institute & Annual Meeting

April 10-11,2006
Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Prior Lake, Minnesota

Native Americans in Philanthropy invites you to The Native Philanthropy Institute which will build awareness and capacity for fund development and fundraising, marketing and communications, leadership development and skill-building for Native projects. Our goals are to provide the growing field of Tribal and Native philanthropy with tools for strategic grantmaking, while at the same time providing these foundations and other Native nonprofits tools to raise more funds - and together to "tell their story" more effectively - remaining grounded in their communities and strength of the cultures.

Deadline for registration is March 31st. REGISTER NOW! Contact Neely Snyder for details at Download the Registration form.


2006 International Indigenous Business and
Entrepreneurship Conference

June 19-22, 2006
Sandia Casino & Resort
Albuquerque, NM

The International Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship Conference and Expo will bring together international and domestic academics and indigenous entrepreneurs and policy-makers participants who are interested and/or involved in Indigenous business and entrepreneurship. See website

For more info contact Jaye Francis, Conference Coordinator Ph: (505) 277-8889, Fax: (505) 277-9868 or at

Download the Registration Form.


Indigenious Enviromental Network
14th Annual Protecting Mother Earth Conference

July 6-9, 2006
Veterans Memorial (Pow-Wow and Camp) Grounds
Cass Lake, Minnesota

Hosted by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Division of Resources
Management Plenary Sessions on: Sacredness of Water, Toxics & Environmental Health, Energy & Climate Justice, Forests, with workshops and Native youth leadership activities Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 4th of July Traditional Pow-Wow, July 1-4, 2006, Veterans Memorial Grounds – Come early, camp and Pow-Wow!

For more info contact the IEN Bemidji Office, Tel: (218) 751-4967,
Fax: (218) 751-0561 or Email:

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Urge Congress to Revise S. 2020 Provision Impacting International Grants through Donor-Advised Funds!
This provision calls for the barring of grants from donor-advised funds to non-US charities unless the foreign organization is determined to be the equivalent of a US 501(c)(3). For immediate action, visit COF’s Charitable Reform Resource Center here.



Morales' Rise Inspires Andean Groups

Indigenous organizations in the region hope to gain a boost from Evo Morales' victory. more

World Social Forum 2006
Video clips and articles on the World Social Forum 2006 that took place in Venezuela here.

Academic Centers:
The W. K. Kellogg Foundation will provide $7.5 million for three nonprofit academic centers to participate in their first large-scale collaboration. more



Native Americans in Philanthropy Membership and Program Coordinator
The Membership and Program Coordinator is responsible for establishing, implementing, maintaining and evaluating the organization's membership programs and growth to contribute to the organization's mission and goals. Click here for a full description (PDF).

Program Officer of Solidago Foundation
The Solidago Foundation is seeking a Program Officer to work on domestic grantmaking in Solidago's primary program areas of Economic and Environmental Justice as well as Global and Electoral Justice.  S(he) is responsible for providing objective analyses, and articulating clear rationales for recommendations and grant making decisions.    Solidago supports social change organizations building progressive movements in the areas of environmental, economic, global, and electoral justice.  This position reports to the Foundation's Managing Director. Qualified candidates will preferably have an advanced degree, a minimum of 3 to 5 years prior social justice grantmaking or program management experience and a solid non-profit background. S/he will possess the skills to research, analyze and evaluate groups and the flexibility to collaborate.  Solidago is an equal opportunity employer; people of color and women and those with a working class background are encouraged to apply. Send cover letter, resume and salary requirements by 03/07/06 to

If you would like more information, please go to our website at for more details.

Executive Director of Circumpolar Conservation Union
The Circumpolar Conservation Union (CCU) seeks a highly qualified person to serve as Executive Director to provide daily leadership and operating management for this small, vital, NGO. Consideration of applicants for this position will begin immediately. Candidates should submit applications consisting of a resume, a list of references, recent salary history, and a letter explaining their interest in the position by email to here. No phone calls please.
Click here for description.

U'wa Project Coordinator, San Francisco, CA
Organizational Overview:
Founded in 1996, Amazon Watch works to protect Amazon basin ecosystems and the rights of the region's indigenous peoples. We are looking for an experienced Project Coordinator who excels in a variety of circumstances—from meetings with oil company shareholders, to traveling in remote indigenous areas of Colombia, to analyzing information “on the ground” and producing strategic reports and alerts, to speaking to the press. The U'wa Project Coordinator will take the lead on a key program area, serving as a bridge between the U'wa people in Colombia and the U.S.-based campaign to defend U'wa Lands against oil and gas interests. This is inspiring work that needs a spirited individual to work in close coordination with the U'wa tribe in Colombia while leading effective campaign strategies from the U.S. Please send résumé, three references, and cover letter about why you would like to join our team and why you are the best candidate for the job to: Jennifer DeLury Ciplet, Managing Director,
Amazon Watch,
One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 402
San Francisco, CA 94102
Or via email. For a full description click here.


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