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February 2008

Jose Malvido (center), IFIP Board Member and Director of Native American Programs at Seva Foundation, facilitated a signing ceremony between Shaun Paul, Executive Director and Co-founder of EcoLogic Development Fund (left) and Ernesto Herrera, Executive Director of Reforestamos Mexico (right).


Se:kon/Greetings IFIP Friends,

I hope this message finds you in good health and strong spirit. It’s my pleasure to write you once again and inform you that IFIP has reached another important milestone last month by successfully convening our very first Regional Convening in Querétaro, Mexico. You can now view a conference slideshow from the event, as well as read several Keynote speeches, on our website.

I’m thrilled to report that the regional gathering provided an ideal platform for IFIP Esteemed Member EcoLogic Development Fund and Reforestamos Mexico to sign an historic partnership agreement aimed at increasing support for Indigenous communities and environmental organizations in Mexico. As a result of the event, Reforestamos Mexico has joined IFIP’s network as an Esteemed Member, so that they can be more effective in their support of Indigenous communities. We send them our appreciation and welcome them to our growing network.


IFIP will be hosting its annual award reception at the Council on Foundations Annual Conference, which will be held on May 4-7, 2008. IFIP is honored that it will be presenting our annual award to an individual donor or foundation that has demonstrated efforts to increase philanthropic support for Indigenous Peoples around the world. Previous recipients include The Christensen Fund (2007), Kalliopeia Foundation (2006), and Ford Foundation President Susan Beresford (2005).


We will also be conducting two sessions at COF. One session, co-organized by the Levi Strauss Foundation, is themed “From Climate Change to Poverty: How Indigenous Peoples are Tackling the Most Challenging Issues of our Time” and will look at unique perspectives that Indigenous Peoples can provide to our most pressing global issues. The other session, called “Key to Effective International Philanthropy,” will examine how philanthropic institutions are finding ways to support transformative change within Indigenous Communities. More information on each session is listed below.


I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events, as well as sharing updates in future editions of our e-newsletter.


In Peace,

Evelyn Arce-White, M.A.T.
Executive Director, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples



Latest Resources Gathered on Philanthropy,
Nonprofits and Grantmaking

European Foundation Center


Updated on a monthly basis, EFC’s resource list compiles selected material recently published in the field of philanthropy and foundation sector. Resources include books, reports, periodicals, academic papers, speeches, websites and other materials that are aimed at informing foundations and providing practical insights for greater effectiveness in their work.


Click here to view.



Council on Foundations Annual Conference

IFIP Award Reception
9:00-10:30pm, May 4, 2008

Please join International Funders for Indigenous Peoples in its presentation of the Annual IFIP Award, bestowed upon an individual or foundation that has demonstrated efforts to increase philanthropic support for Indigenous Peoples around the world. Previous recipients include the The Christensen Fund (2007) in recognition of their efforts to promote and preserve Indigenous stewardships of cultural and ecological heritages, Kalliopeia Foundation (2006) for their intuition, spiritual wisdom and support for Indigenous Peoples and Ford Foundation (2005) for their leadership in increasing a greater commitment from a philanthropic institution. All are welcomed to attend and take part in this momentous event. Cash bar, chocolate and refreshments will be available.


From Climate Change to Poverty: How Indigenous Peoples are Tackling the Most Challenging Issues of our Time
10:30am-12:00pm, May 5, 2008


Indigenous people are the existing descendants of the original people inhabiting a particular region or country. Indigenous populations often maintain cultural, political and legal values that differ from those of the newer inhabitants, and, importantly, maintain particular claims or rights over the local lands, resources and artifacts, in accordance with these values. The goal of this session is to share how the unique perspective of indigenous peoples can inform and work in partnership with funders to advance solutions to our most pressing global issues.


Key to Effective International Philanthropy
3:00-4:30pm, May 6, 2008


Indigenous peoples around the world are becoming more successful in making themselves heard in international arenas. But many challenges remain in the fight for full recognition of all their rights. Likewise international philanthropy towards Indigenous Peoples is growing rapidly, but true partnerships and effective mechanisms are still developing. This session will examine practically the different ways that philanthropy is finding to support transformative change with Indigenous Communities, drawing from examples in the Amazon, Northern Australia and Africa. We will also share the results of a groundbreaking report that has tracked Global foundation giving to Indigenous communities.



2008 International Conference on Climate Change

Sponsored by the Heartland Institute


March 2-4, 2008
Marriott (Times Square) Hotel
New York City, New York


The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think-tank which advocates classical liberal tenets, has organized a conference on climate change at the Marriott Hotel near Times Square March 2-4.  Hundreds of the world's leading scientists, economists, and policy analysts will come together to explore key issues overlooked by advocates of the theory of man-made global warming.


Registration information is available at http://www.heartland.org/NewYork08/registration.cfm.

Foundations On The Hill
Council on Foundations &
Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

March 4-5, 2008

Washington, DC


The work of the philanthropic sector affects the lives of millions of Americans. That's why it is very important that we meet, develop relationships, and educate members of Congress about the work foundations and corporate giving programs do in their states and districts. Join the Council on Foundations, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, and hundreds of your colleagues for Foundations on the Hill, March 4–5, 2008, in Washington, DC. For more information about this event, visit www.foundationsonthehill.org. Questions?  Contact Chatrane Birbal (703-879-0689) at the Council or Erin McCarty (202-467-1122) at the Forum.


For more information, click here.



7th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum


April 11, 2008
Redwood City, California


Through conversations with elders and emerging leaders, participants at the 7th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum will explore their responsibility to protect and their opportunity to effect systemic change. The Global Philanthropy Forum Conference is intended for individuals who have made a significant commitment to philanthropy, and executives from private, public, and corporate foundations. Participation in the conference is by invitation only, and invitations are not transferable. Conference Registration and Membership Information Conference admission fees are waived for Associate and Full Members.


For more information, contact Leslie Harlson, lharlson@wacsf.org, or visit www.philanthropyforum.org.


2008 Annual Conference
Women's Funding Network

May 1-3, 2008
Washington, D.C.

Our 2008 Annual Conference, Leadership for A Changing World, will be a high-energy gathering of visionary leaders from around the world. Join us for the best in skill-building, inspiration and global idea exchange as we forge bold strategies to empower women, communities and nations.

Women's funds are at the forefront of investing in solutions to some of the world's most pressing social issues. Together we are bringing in a new era of global change for women and their communities. Our conference will showcase the most cutting-edge ideas, trends and insights on social investment in women. We will also offer practical opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and connections in arenas from social networking to social investment. Join Us!

For more information, click here.

3rd Annual National Gathering
Native Americans in Philanthropy

May 2-3, 2008
Washington, DC

NAP will host a national gathering to celebrate outstanding philanthropic practices in Indian Country and share knowledge of best practices in Native nonprofits and Native philanthropy.  This two-day event will include prominent Native speakers, discussion groups and speaker panels, the Annual Awards & Celebration dinner, a Silent Auction and the Annual meeting of NAP.

For more information, click here.

Philanthropy's Vision: A Leadership Summit
Council on Foundations

May 4–7, 2008
National Harbor, Maryland

Join a gathering of philanthropic leaders unlike any the world has seen before. Whether you’re brand new to philanthropy or have years of experience, from a small family foundation or a large corporate giving program, from a rural area or a big city—philanthropy needs your vision and your voice.

For more information, click here.

Amazon Forum Funder’s Session
Amazon Alliance Steering Council

May 8, 2008

The funder’s session of the Amazon Forum is an opportunity for direct dialogue between funders and the leaders of the Indigenous and environmental movements of the Amazon. It will broaden and deepen conversations about ho funders can best support the priorities of the Indigenous Peoples who have protected the Amazon for millennia.

For more information, contact Trevor Stevenson, trevor@amazonalliance.org, or call 202-785-3334.

European Foundation Centre
Annual General Assembly

Environmental Grantmakers Association Delegation


May 28-31, 2008
Istanbul, Turkey


The growing importance of the European Union, and the emerging influence of new environmental legislation arising from Brussels, has an impact on American environmental and funding initiatives. Progressive regulations, established in Europe, are affecting issues of concern to EGA members- from environmental health to biofuels.


For more information, contact Dana Lanza, dlanza@ega.org, or Luis Davila, ldavila@ega.org


Just Giving: Global Social Change Philanthropy
Grantmakers Without Borders
8th Annual Conference

June 8-10, 2008
San Francisco, California

Grantmakers Without Borders, a philanthropic network, is dedicated to increasing funding for international social justice and environmental sustainability and to improving the practice of international grantmaking. We offer a space for education, community and collaboration among international social change grantmakers. We advocate before policymakers on behalf of social change grantmakers, and we work to leverage the philanthropic sector to increase funding to the global South. In all our efforts, Grantmakers Without Borders is committed to the ideals of justice, equity, peace, democracy, and respect for the environment. See http://www.gwob.net/ for registration info.


Guerrero Delegation
International Service for Peace (SIPAZ)

March 7- 14, 2008
Oaxaca, Mexico


Traveling with SIPAZ to Guerrero will give you the opportunity to get to know Guerrero from the inside, the problems, local resistance processes, and the struggle of indigenous people for a life with justice and dignity. During our 7-day delegation, we will visit indigenous villages, ecologists, human rights defenders, and much more. Through this trip you will acquire a broader understanding of the problems and the human rights situation in Guerrero.

To download more information, click here.



Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth
'The Elders’ Federation of Greenland


July 18-20, 2008
Kangerlussuaq West Coast, Greenland


The Fire and Ice Ceremony for the Earth will be a powerful three-day cross-cultural gathering of deliberation, ceremony, and celebration, the objective of which touches the welfare of the world. A principal objective is the return of the sacred fire in fulfillment of prophetic tradition. For the first time in memory the sacred fire will be home. The ceremony will revolve around the physical fire but the most important element will be the spiritual fire, the spirit of which the physical fire is a symbol. It is a symbol of countless generations of indigenous people who have met around it to consider how to live well on the land given to them and how to relate well to the Creator and to one another. The lessons of the ice will also be prominent, both in helping us all recognize our common humanity, and in developing common perspectives raised by the melting ice and global climate change.


For more information, click here.



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Director of Grantmaking
The Christensen Fund

(Deadline: April 6, 2008)


(San Francisco) The Director of Grantmaking is an exciting new senior management position that has opened up as a result of on-going planned growth at The Christensen Fund. 


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Grantmaking will lead and support the Program Officer and Grants Administration teams to enhance the quality and impact of grantmaking, enabling the Executive Director to focus on overall institutional and strategic issues. 


Click here for job posting.




Native Village Sues Energy Companies
for Climate Change


(Alaska) The eroding village of Kivalina in the Northwest Arctic is suing Exxon Mobil and 23 other energy companies for damage related to global warming.


The suit was filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco on behalf of the Native village's federally recognized tribe and its city government, according to lawyers for the village.


Kivalina, located on a shrinking barrier island in the Chukchi Sea, says the energy companies should pay to move the village to safer ground.


Click here to read more.



Australian Parliament Provides Apology to Indigenous People


(Australia) Aborigines organized breakfast barbecues in the Outback, giant TV screens went up in state capitals, and schools allowed students to watch the telecast of Australia's apology Wednesday for policies that degraded its indigenous people.

In a historic parliamentary vote that supporters said would open a new chapter in race relations, lawmakers unanimously adopted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's motion to on behalf of all Australians.

Aborigines remain the country's poorest and most disadvantaged group, and Rudd has made improving their lives one of his government's top priorities.


Click here to read more.



World Affairs
Council CEO Joins
Aspen Institute


(Washington, DC ) The Aspen Institute announced the appointment of Jane Wales as Vice President, Philanthropy and Society, and Executive Director of the Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy Program, effective March 3, 2008. Wales is President and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Northern California, headquartered in San Francisco, and co-founder of the Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF), a path-breaking and fast-growing network of donors and social investors committed to international causes.


While assuming this new role, Wales will continue as CEO of the Council and the Global Philanthropy Forum. She will also continue to host and moderate the nationally syndicated National Public Radio interview show, It’s Your World, broadcast by KQED-FM.


Click here to read more.





California Foundations Diversity and Inclusiveness Scholarship Fund
Council on Foundations


COF is pleased to announce applications are now being accepted for the California Foundations Diversity and Inclusiveness Scholarship Fund, which is made possible by the Council’s Building Strong and Ethical Foundation Initiative. The fund offers assistance to foundations in California and is intended to promote the participation of diverse foundation representatives at Philanthropy’s Vision: A Leadership Summit.


To apply for a scholarship, please review the guidelines and submit a completed application form. Because scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2008, or until the available funds are committed.


For additional information about the scholarship fund, please contact Dana Hughes at 703-879-0712 or Dana.Hughes@cof.org.



2008 EFC AGA and Conference Scholarship
(Deadline: March 21, 2008)


The EFC is accepting applications for the 2008 AGA and Conference Scholarship Program, an initiative that will cover the attendance of a limited number of delegates at the upcoming EFC AGA and Conference, “Fostering Creativity,” set to take place from May 29th - 31st 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. The scholarship program is aimed at foundation staff from all over the world.


Please note that there are a limited number of scholarships, and therefore not every eligible organization will be able to receive one.


Download the application form (doc 70kb)





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